We wrote the book on alliances. Twice.

Finding Allies, Building Alliances is about how to create collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges facing organizations today.

Business challenges extend far beyond you and your organization to the competitors within your industry and the regulators outside it.

Finding solutions to larger issues requires cooperation between diverse stakeholders, and in this rapidly changing world, only those able to adapt and network successfully will produce fast, competitive solutions.

The book – written by co-founders of Leavitt Partners, Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown – includes a foreword by Clayton M. Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and How Will You Measure Your Life?. It will help leaders successfully bridge divides and turn competitors into collaborators.

Coming Soon!

Every alliance is unique, but in every alliance there are principles for how future alliances can be successful. A new book, coming soon, will share insights and principles we have gleaned over the past decade and offer a more detailed roadmap for collaborating to solve your organization’s most difficult challenges.