The science behind building successful alliances.

Any organization seeking to increase the efficiency of its problem-solving efforts needs to understand the foundational concept of a value alliance. At its root, a value alliance is a group of participants with aligned interests pursuing an outcome with value for each of them. However, it is not an ad hoc or informal effort, not the sort of casual cooperation people engage in every day as they pursue their mutual interests in work, social, and governmental arenas. Instead, a value alliance is a formally organized entity following a process that has been deliberately designed to achieve a collective advantage. In such an alliance, the pursuit of value is the purpose and alliance is the platform. Collaboration is the means.

~From Finding Allies, Building Alliances

Governor Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown pioneered the science of alliances, including the identification of eight critical elements of successful alliances. Over the past decade, our team has applied that framework to solve dozens of the most challenging issues in healthcare and has refined that science along the way.