About the Leavitt Center for Alliances

The Leavitt Center for Alliances is an initiative of Health Management Associates and Leavitt Partners, an HMA Company. The Center aims to elevate the national discourse on healthcare and help healthcare organizations solve their most complex challenges through consensus-based alliances.

Facilities designed for results:

State-of-the-art conference room accommodates large groups from 10 to 110 participants.

Multiple configurations supported.

Rooms can be divided into two smaller breakout rooms with full AV capabilities.

Best-in-class audiovisual equipment, including mounted televisions, 101” projector, flexible video conferencing systems and more.

The Leavitt Center is conveniently located within walking distance to the U.S. Capitol, major federal departments, and Amtrack and Metro facilities. Our meeting facilities and our comprehensive technology are specifically designed to support active in-person and hybrid collaboration.