Kerry Weems

Former Acting Administrator, CMS

Convener, Value Based Healthcare Investors Alliance

Kerry Weems is a member of the LEP Investment Committee. He is also Executive Chairman of the Value Based Healthcare Investors Alliance, LEP strategic partners devoted to “moving the needle” on value-based care. Kerry joined the Investment Committee in 2021. He brings deep expertise in health services and government finance to the firm and its clients.

Kerry served in the federal government for nearly 30 years holding a number of key positions in the Department of Health and Human Services, including Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget and Chief Financial Officer. He also led the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under then Secretary Mike Leavitt. Along with Secretary Leavitt, he was instrumental in establishing and sustaining the foundations of the HHS health information technology initiative. Since his government career, Kerry has led several large health organizations, both public and sponsor-backed.

He holds a BA in Philosophy and a BBA in Management from New Mexico State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Mexico.